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The Project  

Amial is the largest urban plot that has been earmarked for housing in the city of Porto and extends over 8 hectares, very close to the outer ring-road, which ensures that it has an unmatched location. This project is currently in the phase of public consultation and envisages having a built up area of 143,000 square metres (96,000 above the ground), between houses, commercial premises and residential buildings, with a total of 850 residential units.

Even though it has excellent access to a dense network of services, commercial establishments and social infrastructure (schools, universities, hospitals) located around it, the project will also develop its own set of infrastructure, businesses and services which will provide a more comfortable life in a low density urban environment. 


Porto, a city built on the cliffs of the left bank of the Douro River, from where its renowned wine is exported to the four corners of the globe, is the largest metropolitan city in Northern Iberia and the second largest Portuguese city. Along with Lisbon, Porto is the only city in Portugal with significant prospects for growth. A city with a rich historic past, Porto has witnessed a great deal of urban growth over the course of time and is currently surrounded by peripheral satellite towns.

This is the backdrop for the Amial real estate development project, which, apart from being the largest urban plot earmarked for housing in the city and being situated close to the historic city centre, enjoys a truly strategic location. It is located between the inner and outer ring-roads, the two most important roads in Porto which link the airport, hospitals, universities, schools and all other services in the city. In other words, the Amial has a perfect location for anyone who values proximity to the urban centre and the absence of commuting as decisive factors when choosing a residence.